Welcome to Prospectors

This website was initially created for DreamTeam alliance members but can be used by everyone.

Team member can look at all members land map. Check where currently members workers are and what they already carry. If are you curious which alliance plot has which resources please take a look at resources map or list.

Time to build something! Check mining speed in the mining calculator. And dont forget to check tools calculator that will tell you which resources are necessary to build specific material or tool.

Alliance building

All contributors will be rewarded by free of charge materials production such Wood Board and Wood Girder Stone Block and Stone Plate that cannot be done manually. Amount of free of charge materials production will depend on amount of contribution help. I dont know details yet but it will be fair.

How to contribute? Please leave or transfer materials im the storage od building plot from list below. Every material will be recorded and shown in the lists below. Current contribution stats (can be 1 hour delay):

Building monitoring details by building/plot:

monitoring is disabled